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Opel astra cabrio
Opel Astra cabrio Cyprus car hire booking

               5 Seater, 1300 cc, Manual

           Group N   Smart Car Price
In Cyprus, we drive on the left. Distances and road speed limits are posted in kilometres and kilometre-per hour (km/h) The maximum speed limit on the motorways is 100 km/h and the lower speed limit is 65 km/h. On all other roads the general speed limit is 80 km/h, unless a lower one is indicated. In built-up areas generally the speed limit is 50km/h, unless a different one is indicated.
The use of front seat-belts is compulsory. Children under the age of five MUST NOT, under any circumstances sit in the front passenger seat. Children from five to ten years old may occupy the front passenger seat only if an appropriate child's seat belt has been fitted.
Petrol stations in the main are equipped with petrol vending machines, accepting bank notes and credit cards. Vending machines operate whenever a service attendant does not.
Parking in town centres is usually approximately 50 cents for a half days parking. Parking metres in towns are usually 20 cents per hour. Parking is free on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Public Holidays. Parking and waiting is prohibited along a double yellow line. Along a single yellow line, loading and unloading is allowed but parking is prohibited at all times.

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