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Things to do in Cyprus.

Cyprus Wild Life

Wild Life in Cyprus.

At just 9,251 sq. km you might think that Cyprus is too small to lay claim to one of the most diverse wildlife populations in Europe. Appearances, in this case, are deceptive. When it comes to wildlife Cyprus's size is not in anyway a limiting factor. Just for starters there are more than 370 species of bird to be seen on the island and 260 species of fish in the warm waters surrounding it. Add to this the presence of two of the world's rarest sea turtles (Green turtles and Loggerhead turtles) and it becomes easier to appreciate just how special the wildlife on Cyprus is.

Cyprus Diving

The Cyprus Mufflon - a wild sheep that is found in the Troodos and Paphos mountains - is perhaps the most elusive type of wildlife on Cyprus. Believed to be only around 800 in existence, the Mufflon is found nowhere else in the world and has been officially listed as a protected species. Treks up into the mountains to find these wild sheep in their natural habitat are challenging to say the least. For the less adventurous, spacious enclosures in which Cyprus Mufflon are kept can be found at Stavros tis Psokas and at Platania.

Sheep of a more common variety graze upon the vegetation across hillsides as do wild goats. Smaller mammals on Cyprus include hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits, hares and squirrels. Smaller still is the Cyprus Mouse - a species indigenous to the island - that is covered with thorn like protrusions buried within its fur.

For lovers of reptile and amphibian life a large number of frogs, toads, lizards and chameleons can be found around Cyprus. There are some snakes too, many of which lie dormant in the summer months because of the heat.

The wildlife on Cyprus is truly fascinating. Take a trip in the great outdoors on horseback or lace up your walking boots and get out there and explore. We promise you that it will be an experience to remember.


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